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SAP Managed Services
  • Application Management Support (AMS)

  • Supplier Enablement Support

  • Integration Support

  • Training and Documentation Support

  • Upgrade and Migration Support

  • SAP Strategy & Advisory Support

SAP Ariba Upstream Implementation
  • SAP Ariba Sourcing (Classic & Guided)

  • SAP Ariba Contract

  • SAP Ariba Supplier Management

  • SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

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SAP Ariba Downstream Implementation
  • SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing

  • SAP Ariba Guided Buying

  • SAP Ariba Procurement Catalog

  • SAP Ariba Contract Compliance

  • SAP Ariba Commerce Automation

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Middleware Implementation and Support

  • SAP PI


  • SAP ITK(Integration Toolkit)

SAP Ariba – Automatic Transition to Guided Sourcing in 2025

As technology advances and customer needs evolve, SAP continues to innovate to improve our products. This year, customers using the classic sourcing UX in SAP Ariba Sourcing will be transitioned to the newer Guided Sourcing capability, the latest and most advanced UX. As a result, support for the classic UX in SAP Ariba Sourcing will no longer be available by the end of Q1 2025.

Guided Sourcing was launched in 2021. However, the choice to use it has remained optional while SAP continued to focus on increased usability and features. Today, Guided Sourcing supports the complex scenarios available in the classic UX along with innovative new capabilities that deliver even greater value for users – including single-screen event creation, powerful search capabilities, contextual help, AI-powered analytics and supplier recommendations, smart Excel data upload/line-item creation, cross-product integrations, direct access to advanced partner applications, and more. The automatic shift to Guided Sourcing will enable every customer to benefit from these and other enhancements moving forward.

To minimize disruption to businesses, SAP plans to automatically transition users to Guided Sourcing. They will support a seamless transition to this enhanced experience and will notify customers before any updates occur. The goal is to complete this process by the end of 2024. Customers can expect to receive further communications, offering details, and additional information to guide them through the upcoming changes.

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